Tikka – 01

Tikka – 01

Tikkas are a type of traditional jewellery that originated in South Asia and are typically worn on the forehead as a decorative headpiece.

Tikkas are a traditional style of jewellery that originated in the Indian subcontinent and are worn by women as a headpiece. The word ‘tikka’ refers to the central pendant of the headpiece that is attached to a chain or cord and worn at the center of the forehead.

Tikkas can be worn in different styles, depending on the occasion and personal preference. Some tikkas are designed to be worn as a single strand that hangs down the center of the forehead, while others may feature multiple strands that are arranged in a more elaborate design. Tikkas may also be worn with a chain or cord that loops around the head, securing the pendant in place.

In conclusion, tikkas are a beautiful and versatile style of jewellery that adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any outfit. With their intricate designs, precious gemstones, and delicate craftsmanship, tikkas are a highly prized accessory that has been a part of traditional Indian culture for centuries. Whether worn as a bridal accessory or as part of everyday attire, tikkas are a timeless and enduring symbol of beauty and grace.


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